September 12, 2016

Redner’s Changes Receipt Program

Effective August 2016, Redner’s Warehouse Market is replacing the former Redner’s Pump Perks Card/Save-A-Tape Card. In order for you to get your new Redner’s Rewards Card. just go to the courtesy desk to obtain your new Rewards Card.

Thanks to you for turning in your Redner’s Market register tapes. We received approximately $1236 in 2015 from Redner’s Markets. We receive 1% of the total receipts on the tapes.

Please keep saving your register receipts and bring them in to the adoption centers at Petsmart in Downingtown and Pottstown. You can also mail them to us at Cat Angel Network, P.O. Box 3071, Stowe, PA 19464 PLEASE remember to save the ENTIRE register tape. Do not alter or cut the tapes in any way as they will not be accepted if the entire tape is not submitted. It’s an easy way to help Cat Angel Network and it doesn’t cost you anything!

Be sure to show the cashier your Redner’s Rewards Card when you shop at Redners to make the register tapes count for CAN. If you don’t have a Redner’s Rewards Card, ask for one at the customer service counter.