September 20, 2010

Pet Trusts

Have you given any thought to Fluffy’s future in the event that she were to outlive you? We don’t like to think about that possibility but the spirit of it is actually very responsible. Deciding who you would want to take care of your beloved pet not only makes sense, but it gives you the assurance that Fluffy will be well taken care of in your absence.

If you know your family and friends are not the best people to care for Fluffy (even if they’re willing), you should probably consider a Pet Trust. You arrange with the person of your choice to take Fluffy into their care and designate funds from your estate to go to that person for Fluffy’s care. You should consult with your lawyer concerning the various types of legal trusts which you can consider.

In the event that your options do not include someone whom you would entrust with Fluffy, there are many wonderful organizations who will care for Fluffy as you request in your Pet Trust. Some people prefer to have the organization find a loving home where their pet can become part of a new family, while others opt for the security of a retirement home or sanctuary where your pet will be forever cared for and looked after as a retiree.


If a pet organization is the best option, make sure they are highly reputable. Learn what their criteria is for matching your pet with the right family and home. If you do choose an

organization, it’s a good idea to leave funds for them in a pet trust. Some facilities require a fee to take your pet, while others rely on donations. In any case, you want to make sure they have the funds to care for your pet.

People in their golden years are generally much better at looking ahead and planning for the care of their pets, while those of us who can’t yet get senior discounts don’t even like to think about such things. But, no matter how young and healthy you are, it’s important to have a plan in place for your pets. Not only does it ensure that your pet would be well cared for, but it keeps your family from having to decide where Fluffy will live. You know your pet best, so you’ll feel better if you make the decisions about her future.

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