September 20, 2010

Donate Your Car

Through, you can donate your car to Cat Angel Network with a few easy steps. Simply go to the website, or call 1-877-227-7487 to find out if your car is eligible for donation. Most cars are eligible even if they are not running. Generally, DonationLine will accept cars that they can sell at a wholesale auction for more than the cost of towing and processing.

The process is easy and painless, and most of our car donors have reported that their vehicle was picked up within a few days! In addition, since DonationLine is a national company, your friends and family members outside of this area are eligible to donate cars to Cat Angel Network as well. Since we began this program last year, we have had a steady stream of car donations from across the country.

Car donation is an outstanding way to help Cat Angel Network and remove the stress of dealing with selling a car that you are no longer using.