Sunday April 19th 2015
Cat Angel Network (CAN) is a rescue organization formed to alleviate suffering of stray cats through rescue, spay/neuter, shelter in a no-kill facility and adoption to approved homes. We strive to educate the public to the proper care of cats and the importance of spaying and neutering. CAN is a no kill, non-profit 501c(3) all volunteer organization.

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You can make a donation using PayPal, a credit card, by sending a check, or by dropping it off at one of [...]

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We are accepting applications for Caregivers, Cat Socializers, Fostering, Adoption Helpers, and [...]

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For information about our adoption process and submitting an Adoption Application, go to the Adoptions [...]


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March 29th Annual Concert for Cats »

March 29th Annual Concert for Cats

Cat Angel Network’s 16th Annual Benefit Concert Slated for March 29th You are cordially invited to attend our 16th Annual Cat Angel Network Benefit [Read More]


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Happy Endings



According to Edna's mom: "As you know, its been almost a year since I brought Edna home to be with me. From the moment she entered my house, she has been at home here. She is a very loving cat who loves belly rubs and who also loves to give belly rubs when I get home from [Read More]

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How can I help stray cats when all the shelters are full?

How can I help stray cats when all the shelters are full?

QUESTION: This summer I found a mother cat & kittens. The SPCA told me that they couldn’t guarantee that the cats wouldn’t be euthanized so I was looking for a no-kill rescue to take them. Every single rescue I called was full and could not take the kitties in. Can you give me any advice about what to do to help these cats have a better [...]

Is My Kitten Too Aggressive?

Is My Kitten Too Aggressive?

QUESTION: About a month ago I took in a stray kitten that I found in my yard. Zelda is my first and only pet ever. She is absolutely adorable, but I have a big problem with her rough behavior. I am covered with scratches and wounds and am beginning to be afraid of my own pet! She lies in wait for me, attacks my ankles, climbs up my legs, leaps on [...]

Double (Not So Much) Trouble

Double (Not So Much) Trouble

People visiting our adoptable cats often ask us why we’re quick to suggest that adopting a pair of kitties might be a better decision than taking a single one. We can honestly tell you that it’s truly the best decision you can make for the benefit of the kitties as well as for you and your family. Imagine adopting one kitty and being [...]

100 Ways To Help

100 Ways To Help

This list of one hundred ways to help a cat shelter can be found many places on the internet (mostly oriented toward dog rescue - we're providing the cat version!) Please take a moment to read through and see if there's any small way you can help us or another rescue group in your area. Transport a cat? Donate a cat bed or [...]

Would My Older Cat Be Happier In A New Home Where She Got More Attention?

Would My Older Cat Be Happier In A New Home Where She Got More Attention?

QUESTION: I have a beautiful, loving cat that I adopted as a kitten many years ago. She is now 10 years old. The kids no longer pay any attention to her, and I am so busy with work that I’m beginning to think she would be better off in another home. She is a sweet cat and enjoys sleeping in sunny windows or sitting on laps. I think she would [...]