Senior Cats

Senior Cats – Loving, Wonderful, and Wise

While adopting a senior kitty can have challenges, there are many rewards that await those willing to make the commitment. These cats are generally over their wild-and-crazy days and enjoy the pleasures of a low-key, peaceful home life, much as many of us do. Most easily and happily fit their quiet, loving ways into the fabric of our daily routine. Contentment for them consists of a cozy bed, a sunlit window, and a lap to crawl into. Many still enjoy playing, and their cute, funny antics make us smile. Many have years of enjoyment ahead of them and just want someone like us to share these years with them.

How have these cats lost their homes?

Some were tearfully given up during difficult times, like the death or long-term hospitalization of an owner, the foreclosure of a home, or the birth of a severely allergic baby. Others were pushed to the side, as children grew up, new spouses moved in, or younger, more rambunctious pets were acquired. The amazing thing is the ability of these cats to adjust. Unlike humans, cats do not live in the past or the future – they focus on the present and all it has to offer. This is another advantage of adopting a senior cat – they are wonderful and wise teachers of unlocking the secrets of how to live a happy life!

Cat Angel Network has many senior cats that need homes. Here are just a few of those who have been waiting, some for a few months, some for years.

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