August 27, 2022

Happy Endings: Sandman’s Story

In mid-October, 2021, a man walked into the Pottstown PetSmart holding a tiny buff-colored kitten whose eyes were both swollen shut. He asked the cashier for advice, explaining that he had been at a cemetery attending a funeral service when the kitten came out of the bushes and sat on his shoe. He discreetly moved away several times, but the kitten found him each time. The man took this as a sign that the kitten was asking him for help.

The cashier Patrick happened to be a CAN volunteer and immediately called for help from fellow volunteers. When the rescuer realized the severity of the situation and how much specialized care the kitten would require, he was relieved to surrender the kitten to Cat Angel Network. CAN arranged an immediate vet visit to Pottstown Animal Wellness Services (PAWS). Dr. DiBuono said that the eyes were so swollen and infected that she couldn’t even see the eye surface to access what damage had been done.

A series of eye ointments and drops were prescribed, each being given 4-6 times a day. Re-exams were done every week. When the eyes opened enough to reveal the condition of the eye surface, it was apparent that one eye had an ulcer which required still another type of eye drop.

The kitten, named “Sandman” both because of his color and his closed eyes, initially had a guarded prognosis. It was not clear whether he would have sight, limited sight, or be blind. Treatments continued non-stop for a month. Very gradually the eyes improved to the point that they were both fully open, and then the swelling, redness, and cloudiness slowing disappeared. Sandman could see! As he felt better and perceived the world around him, he began to play and regain a kitten’s energy, making up for lost time in a whirlwind of activity.

Soon he weighed enough to be neutered, vaccinated, tested for FeLV, and microchipped at No Nonsense Neutering. Now we needed to find the right home for Sandman. He was not used to playing with other kittens, and he tended to be too rough, intimidating the other kitties his age. He went to PetSmart’s Adoption Center with a carefully worded cage card stating that we were not sure how he would be with other cats.

That’s when animal lover Leslie Amass walked into PetSmart on a mission to get cat supplies, with no intention of adopting another cat. She happened to see handsome Sandman in the Adoption Center and instantly fell in love. She thought he would be the perfect companion to her young, high energy cat named Jerry.

She put in an application, was approved, and took Sandman home to her beautiful pet-friendly home a few days later. Introductions to the other pets went well, and Sandman and Jerry hit it off immediately! Rough-and-tumble play with lots of racing and wrestling was exactly what Jerry had been wanting, and Sandman was only too happy to oblige. Renamed Luigi, today this kitty with a poor prognosis is enjoying his “happily-ever-after” life with Leslie and her family, including best friend, Jerry.

Thank you to the village that brought about this happy ending – CAN volunteers & fosters, PAWS vet and staff, No Nonsense Neutering, and all of the loyal CAN donors who make it possible for CAN to provide the medical care for kitties like Sandman. And of course, a giant THANKS to wonderful adopters like Leslie and her family!

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