March 4, 2016

Happy Endings for Sylvia & Mandi

Some recent happy endings ~ because together we CAN make a difference!




One very cold night in January, 2015, a Cat Angel volunteer was driving home and noticed a very small kitten, lying on the side of the road. The volunteer immediately pulled over, picked up the kitten, and got her to safety. She had suffered an injury to her leg (most likely from being swiped by a car); and she needed medical attention quickly.

Sylvia was just four months old at the time; and was facing the possibility of living life with only three legs, which is something that is possible but somehow seemed unfair for such a young kitten. She was taken to one of the best surgeons in the area; and much to our delight, her leg was able to be saved. A foster mom stepped in quickly to help her with her intense recovery and post-surgical therapy; and today, Sylvia is living the life she deserves in her new forever home.

Angels seem to come at times when we need them the most; and for Sylvia the cat, the Angels were there just in time!




Mandi is a beautiful young cat who was living outside in Lancaster County. She found a family who would feed her each day and allow her to live on their property and take shelter in their outside shed.

What came next is the single reason that cat rescues are so busy – Mandi was never spayed, and so she became pregnant and delivered five beautiful kittens. Shortly after the kittens were born, the family heard the kittens crying and noticed that Mandi was very sick. She was unable to feed her little kittens, and she needed medical care quickly. Mandi did not “belong” to this family. They considered her a friendly stray and were kind enough to feed her; but they had no money to get the help she needed.

Once in our care, Mandi’s kittens were immediately started on bottle feedings; and Mandi was taken into emergency surgery to save her from what could have been a very sad ending. She had developed mastitis, an infection in her mammary glands. The infection was wide-spread, and she needed surgery to repair a ruptured abscess, a delicate procedure that required the specialists at Veterinary Referral Center in Malvern, and continued care in the foster home.

The wonderful news is that in just a couple months, Mandi was on the road to recovery; and six beautiful lives were saved. Mandi and all five of her kittens have now been adopted and are in loving homes of their very own!

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