March 5, 2012

Double (Not So Much) Trouble

People visiting our adoptable cats often ask us why we’re quick to suggest that adopting a pair of kitties might be a better decision than taking a single one. We can honestly tell you that it’s truly the best decision you can make for the benefit of the kitties as well as for you and your family.


Imagine adopting one kitty and being its only source of entertainment round the clock to provide adequate mental stimulation and exercise. Go out for a few hours and you may find yourself coming home to the results of a bored and lonely little “angel” who had no companion to share his time and energy with. With a companion, your kitty will engage in playtime which can involve wrestling, chasing one another, batting toys around together which ensures a happy, well adjusted feline. As an added benefit, you’re provided with hours of endless amusement.

Many of our adult cats have joined us from situations where they grew up with a sibling or other housemate and find themselves in danger of losing that lifelong bond. Being adopted together allows them comfort and ease in making the adjustment to a new home. Happy kitties will make your home a happy, fun place with continuous entertainment.

Just as solitary kittens can feel bored, lonely and anxious, adult cats, too, can experience many of these same feelings. A new survey amongst veterinarians has shown that, contrary to the belief that the cat has a solitary nature, they are in fact very social creatures. Within the veterinary community, it’s understood that many single cats may be suffering from Separation Anxiety Syndrome, much as humans do. Social isolation can actually cause many behavior problems seen in cats today. These problems can often lead to the cat being surrendered at a shelter, where they run the risk of being euthanized, solely due to space limitations.

With the overpopulation of homeless cats in the world today, the single most effective way to reduce their numbers is to adopt more than one. The benefits and rewards are many. The power is in your paws!

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