February 16, 2013

14th Annual Concert for Cats

Cat Angel Network’s 14th Annual Concert for Cats is Coming on April 7th


Not everyone knows this, but musicians tend to love cats, and so it is very fitting for West Chester University faculty, students, and friends to help support cat rescue efforts by hosting an annual cat concert at West Chester University.

Each concert is a unique multimedia experience, where cats (on video) interact with musicians. This year Wayne Zimmerman will be joining our usual wonderful cast of musicians who support cat rescue. He will be performing organ music with an early 20th century silent movie! If you look closely, you might even see a cat. If you haven’t come to a Cat Concert before, you really should come this year. You will laugh, cry a little, and leave with a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart. The concert is appropriate for cat lovers of all ages. One measure of success of our cat concert is “repeat business.” Many cat lovers in the area look forward to this event and many have attended every concert!!

This year’s concert will be held at 3 PM on Sunday April 7th in the Madeleine Wing Adler Theatre in Swope Hall at West Chester University. There is plenty of parking and the event is free, but donations are appreciated.

The majority of our financial support comes from pre-concert donations. This year, we have set a goal of $10,000.00 in concert donations. With our ever- increasing vet bills and our commitment to our TNR (trap, neuter, return) Program, we must raise significantly more money each year.

Levels of Giving

Donations of $25 or more received prior to March 27th will be acknowledged in the program. If you wish to be acknowledged in the program, please indicate the name(s) in which your donation should appear, and send to:  Cat Angel Network, Attn: Concert Fund, P.O. Box 3071, Stowe PA 19464. Checks should be made payable to Cat Angel Network.

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