August 27, 2022

Ask Angel: Opportunities for Adoption

QUESTION: I know that the kitties who appear in the Adoption Centers of the Pottstown and Downingtown PetSmart stores are only a few of the many cats that Cat Angel Network has. How do the rest of the cats get opportunities for adoption?

ANSWER: Great question! PetSmart offers a wonderful opportunity for approximately fifty lucky kitties to be seen and met by prospective adopters each weekend. Kittens typically get the majority of those spaces as they are at their most adoptable stage, and the months of kitten hood are fleeting. That leaves some spots for adults, though many find it hard to compete for attention next to the antics of the youngsters.

The vast majority of our adult cats are back in their foster homes or the shelter, each one hoping that someone sees his or her picture and write-up on the CAN website or through Petfinder. Certain cats are featured on our website or Facebook page. Adopters who ask about a certain type or personality of cat are directed towards specific cats on the website, and meetings are arranged for the cats they’d like to get to know better. These are typically the ways that many of our adult cats find their homes.

Sassy, June Gal, and Ophelia are three examples of the many, many wonderful adults that are waiting for someone to ask to meet them.

Sassy Jay

Sassy Jay is one of the prettiest tuxedo gals imaginable. Her lovely face is accented with extraordinarily long white upturned whiskers and big inquisitive eyes.

Sassy is a smart, spunky gal who came to us with an attitude that said, “It’s about time somebody notices what a special girl I am and gives me the attention I deserve!”

With those who have made the effort to understand her, she has become a love bug who enjoys sitting in their laps or beside them on a chair or sofa. She has a favorite toy and her interaction with it is hugely entertaining to watch. For the right person, Sassy will be that once-in-a-lifetime, special cat!

She’s been spayed, fully vaccinated, tested negative for FeLV & FIV, and microchipped. Her birthday is in April, 2019.

Ophelia Evans

Ophelia Evans is a super affectionate black & white girl looking for a quiet home to enjoy. She loves to be right by your side.

This poor girl has been through some stressful years and has some hair loss on her back side as a result. She is under treatment to overcome this issue.

She would do best in a quiet stress-free home without children, dogs, or cats. If you are looking for a kitty to spend your days with, Ophelia will shower you with love and gratitude.

She is spayed, tested negative for FIV & FeLV, and is current on all required vaccinations. Her estimated date of birth is April 18, 2018.

June Gal Jay

June Gal Jay is a pretty torbie (red patches on a tabby pattern). Her luxurious coat and huge turquoise eyes create a gorgeous picture.

June Gal is an adult with special and unique characteristics. She is smart & curious and, when it comes to personality, she’s in a class by herself. She knows exactly what she wants and will communicate that to you.

June Gal is looking for a person who is cat savvy and understands intelligent cats. She’s alert, energetic, and entertaining. She’s also a door-watcher and will require a human who is one step ahead of her in preventing “The Great Escape.” With the right person giving her the attention and interaction she craves, she will not want to leave your side!

June Gal is spayed, fully vaccinated, litter trained, and FIV and FeLV negative. She was born December, 2016.