Lots of Littles


Brooke with her “Lots of Littles”

The life of a Cat Angel Network volunteer is often filled with addressing not only the overpopulation of cats and kittens, but also dealing with the senseless acts of individuals who do not view their cats as permanent family members. The stories are often heart-wrenching, each one sadder than the one before.

At Cat Angel Network, we refuse to accept that man’s inhumanity to defenseless cats and kittens has to end tragically. We strive to put right as many wrongs as possible, each year helping over 500 cats and kittens find forever homes with loving families.

But it takes many hundreds of helping hands to bring Cat Angel Network’s vision to fruition. We hope that each person who reads this article will find at least one way to help us in our rescue efforts. Summer is an extremely busy time of year for us, and represents a period when donations are especially crucial to help us continue our efforts.

A lot of littles is a lot,
A thousand beans can fill a pot.
We all can do what one cannot,
A lot of littles is a lot.

A number of years ago, we adopted this little rhyme as a way of asking each newsletter reader to contribute just a small amount – even as little as $5.00 – to our summer fundraising efforts. We hope that you will open your heart and be counted among the many loyal supporters of Cat Angel Network.

Our goal for this summer’s “Lots of Littles” fundraiser is to have 300 of our loyal friends donate. Because together, we CAN make a difference!

Make a donation using a PayPal account, or donate without a PayPal account by using MasterCard, VISA, Discover, or American Express:

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Or, make a donation in any amount by using this button. You may also use this button to set up a recurring monthly donation.

Or, send a check (made payable to Cat Angel Network) to:

Cat Angel Network
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Thank  you for your continued support!